hi i'm bible

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$6 = ~600 words
$9 = ~900 words
$12 = ~1200 words
$15 = ~3000 words ☆
$18 = ~3600 words ☆
$21 = ~4200 words ☆
$24 = ~4800 words ☆
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hello! i'm bible

i'm a 21 y/o gay guy going to college for my english degree. i like tea and japanese gangsters.

yakuza (0-2, dead souls), judge eyes/judgment, mgs (1, 2, 3, 5, rising), and hannibal (tv/books)

yes, i'm working on the other games


extra info

i won't write underage, incest, scat, excessive abuse, non-con, or anything else that makes me uncomfortable. if you're unsure, email me before you donate please! (dub-con is fine.)

it takes me around a week or less to finish each commission, but it could take longer depending on the length.

i tend to go over the word count that i list, and i'll never go under it. (i.e. if you commission me for 1800 words, you might get 2500 or so, but i'll never give you 1799 or less words.)

i'm not super comfortable with writing m/f or f/f ships, but depending on what it is, i can give it a shot. altho that isn't what you're here for, are you......

totally cool with writing trans characters.